Entertainment Digital Membership

The Gift of Entertainment is a new Digital Membership valid for 12 months from the day of activation. You can buy that special someone, or for yourself, a Single City or Multi City City Membership so they can save year-round on everything they love to do. Simply buy it, print it, gift it! There are 3 digital options available: https://www.entertainment.com.au/subscription?fundraiser=213c748

Neuroblastoma Australia receives 20% of the sale from each Membership for our fundraiser and you’ll get 12 months of thanks and appreciation for being an exceptional gift giver.

The Gift of Entertainment has savings for everyone, with thousands of 2-for-1 offers and up to 50% off:

  • Dining, cinema, theme parks, events and attractions
  • Travel package rates including thousands of hotels and resorts
  • Flights, car rental and gift cards and more

Buy your Entertainment Digital Membership directly through the link below and support Neuroblastoma Australia.


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