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Do much more than say ‘Merry Christmas’

November 22, 2021

Do much more than say ‘Merry Christmas’

For most of us, Christmas involves gift-wrapping, munching down on endless snacks and decorating our houses with festive chic. But it is not the same for everyone, because for some families, Christmas is a harsh reminder of the challenges that they face day-to-day. Many families we support have a child trying to fight an aggressive cancer and might even be in hospital on Christmas day or at home in isolation. Sadly, many families will also have to face Christmas without their precious child as they have tragically passed away from neuroblastoma.

Covid-19 has presented another difficult year – even more so for those already experiencing additional challenges. It does not take much to make a positive impact on the life of someone else. So, this year, we have put together three simple ways you and your family can make someone else’s Christmas a little more magical.

  1. Shop for a cause - Buy toys from a charity supporting a cause that you care about. We have put together a range of toys suited for children from 0 months to 6 years which have been selected from leading quality brands. 100% profits go to the charity to support the work we do. Check out the best-selling Jellycat range here.
  2. Fundraise for change – Fundraising and advocacy are the core functions that help highlight a cause within the community. Speak up and support childhood cancer so every child gets the chance they so deserve.  Some incredible supporters are helping find a cure for the children's cancer neuroblastoma. Why not join them by organising your own fundraiser – see here for some fundraising ideas (A to Z)?
  3. Give Back - A donation to a charity provides valuable funds for our charity to continue and expand its services. The goal of the charity is to fund the best research until we get to 100% survival for neuroblastoma cancer. Every donation over $2 is tax deductible. Your donations not only funds research but also supports a child with neuroblastoma!

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